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Quite often in our dealings with troubled companies, one large asset we must deal with is their outstanding receivables. Receivables Control is able to quickly and expertly evaluate how collectable they are on our behalf, and devise a plan of action to maximize recoveries that has proven invaluable to us.

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Commercial Debt Recovery

Receivables Control’s Collection Agency has been the core of the company since it’s founding in1970. The most important element that distinguishes us from other commercial collection agencies is our people. We go to extreme lengths to find, hire and keep the best and most qualified candidates. Our collection professionals are college graduates, and over half of them have been with Receivables Control for over five years. This statistic is simply unheard of in the collection industry.

Receivables Control maintains its outstanding recovery standards by supporting our professionals with ongoing training, financial incentives and advanced technology. Distribution of accounts to collection professionals is based on experience level, with the largest claim amounts being handled by our most experienced collection professionals. So whether you place a $200 or $200,000 file, we have collectors who are devoted to maximizing recoveries on your specific type of claim.

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